About FreebieJeebies

FreebieJeebies launched in March 2007 with only one site open solely to the United Kingdom. Since then we have opened 9 other sites and are now also open Worldwide.

Some Figures

Since we launched in March 2007 we've sent out thousands of pounds worth of free items. Between March 2007 and March 2016 we have sent out a mammoth £2,524,252 worth of gifts ranging from popular consoles to fridge freezers to halloween party gear! With our custom order option you really can get any item you want for free.

The Features of FreebieJeebies

  • FreebieJeebies were the first network in the UK to allow users to complete their sites more than once, we want you to get as much stuff for free as you can!
  • To tie in with the point above, FreebieJeebies were also the first network in the UK to allow users to 'roll-over' their referrals. We know how much hard work you put into getting those referrals so why should you lose them just because you want to spend some of them? With FreebieJeebies you carry forward all unused referrals when you order a gift.
  • No time limits, ever. You can take as long as you like to get your gift.
  • Our unique select site allowing you to choose from a huge catalogue of items.
  • We also offer tracking features on your referral list that shows you where the referral saw your link, the date and time they signed up and the country they signed up from.
  • We know that our members advertise specific items, so we also added the ability to choose which item displays first when your referrals visit our sites.
  • We take our privacy policy very seriously and you will never receive any spam from us.